Boards of Representatives (2014-2017)

Elected by the VAC-USA General Assembly

held in Atlanta, Georgia on October 11, 2014

ĐạiHội 2014 (1)_______________________________________________________________________

Board of Directors

Chairman: Mr. Tan Van Nguyen

Vice-Chair for Internal Affairs: Mr Michael Peavey Do

Vice-Chair for External Affairs: Mr. Bao The Ngo

General Secretary: Mr. Vinh Duc Duong

Deputy General Secretary: Ms. Anh N. Ho

Members: Mrs. Thai Thien Ly, Mr. Han Si Ngo, Mr. An Thi Nguyen, Mr. Hong Vu

Board of Executives

Chairman: Mr. Michael Peavey Do

Vice-Chair (Internal Affairs): Mr. Luan Kinh Nguyen

Vice-Chair (External Affairs): Mr Trong Quang Phan

Secretary General: Ms. Trish Thuy Duong Nguyen

Deputy Secretary General: Mr. Thanh Chau

Treasurer: Mrs. Catherine My Hanh Ngo

Media Officers: Mr. Hieu Trong Doan (Media), Mr. Mai Xuan Le, Ms. Bebay Bui, Mr. Hong Vu, Ms. Ha Uyen

Liason Officer: Mr. Trinh Nguyen

Organizing Officer: Mr. Linh Huy Nguyen

Planning Officer: Ms. Stanton Mai Nguyen

Finance Officer: Mr. An Thi Nguyen

Board of Supervisors

Chairman: Mr. Tien Van Nguyen

Vice-Chair: Mr. Que Tri Nguyen

Secreatry General: Mr. Nhon Trung Vo

Advisory Committee

Mr. Leon Nguyen, Mr. Tuan Minh Nguyen, Mr. Chat van Pham

HĐQTThe Board of Directors (2014-2017)


VAC-USA General Assembly in 2009 at Dallas (Texas)


VAC-USA General Assembly in 2011 at Orlando (Florida)


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