VAC-USA to Support Hongkong Democracy Movements

October 2, 2014

The People of Hong Kong Who Are Struggling for Democracy.

Ref: We Support the Democracy Movement of the People in Hong Kong.
Dear People and Students of Hong Kong,
From the other side of the globe, we are expressing our sympathy and strong support to the students and people of Hong Kong who have been bravely struggling for democracy and freedom.

We were citizens of the Republic of Vietnam who fled the country to seek freedom in the USA after North Vietnam occupation in 1975. As for us, the victims of the tyranny of the communist regime, we understand how tough the life and environment you have been enduring in Hong Kong after it was returned to Communist China.

We hope and believe that Hong Kong Democracy Movement will inspire our Vietnamese people to rise up for their own freedom and democracy.

On behalf of the Vietnamese American Community of the USA, we wish that Democracy will prevail and Hong Kong will be governed by the people you select at free will.

We admire your courage and steadiness.
May God be with you.

Tien Ngoc Nguyen
Chairman of the Board of Representatives
The Vietnamese American Community of the USA.HR34

Mr. Michael Do spoke at a Gathering to protest China’s crimes against humanity in 2008 at the South steps of Texas Capitol.

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