California’s City of Westminster Opposing the Visits of Communist Vietnam Officials

Resolution No. 3858 – A Resolution of the Mayor and City Council of the
City of Westminster Opposing the Nation of Vietnam Vietnamese
Communist Party (VCP) Politburo Executive Order 36 (103-12)

KMBT_C654-20141014135840KMBT_C654-20141014135840KMBT_C654-20141014135840KMBT_C654-20141014135840City joins Garden Grove in formally opposing visits by representatives of the Communist regime.

Welcome to Little Saigon but no official visit for communist Propaganda.

By Dr. Hong Le

Like any other cities in the United States, Little Saigon welcomes to each and every Vietnamese visitors from Vietnam to visit and run business here. In fact, since the USrecognition of communist controlled Vietnam in 1985, Vietnamese visitors and even communist officials are free to go shopping in Little Saigon so called the capital of Vietnamese refugees in US. Furthermore, Vietnamese refugees who now become American citizens have increasingly come back in recent years to visit their former homeland. It is estimated that Vietnamese American citizens last year have sent over two billion dollars to their relatives in Vietnam. This indirect investment to the economy ofVietnam does not imply the hearted support of Vietnamese Americans for a dictatorial regime in Vietnam from where they have left to seek freedom in the US.
What should be addressed here is that the city Councils of Westminster andGarden Grove in Orange County have recently proclaimed their resolutions of “ no welcome “ to the future official visits of communist officials to their cities due to the past experience. Several years ago when a Vietnamese resident named Tran Truong provocatively displayed the picture of Ho Chi Minh and the communist red flag in his video store located in the city of Westminster, his challenging act led to daily protests and demonstrations by hundred thousand of Vietnamese Americans who had experienced tortures and imprisonments in Vietnam now seeking refuge in US. In order to ensure the public safety and order in the concerned city, the city council of Westminster had reluctantly to spend over 600,000 dollars for police patrols and surveillances over the angry crowd for 53 days of civil disturbance .For the same reason, the city councils of Garden Grove and Westminster do not want the bad past incident happening again in their city limits by the fact that a communist delegation recently asked the protection of local police forces for their official visit to the capital of Vietnamese refugees who might use violence against communist official visit which was finally cancelled at the recommendation of the federal government.
The US Constitution protects civil rights and civil liberties but these privileges are not reserved for foreign diplomats who are specially treated with some reservations and cautions. Tell Vietnamese communist officials frankly that their official visits to any ethnic community where its residents do not welcome them are not guaranteed for their safety. This is the right of the host. Vietnamese American citizens are fully aware that the communist government of Vietnam just starts a political campaign through official visits to and clandestine penetrations into Vietnamese American communities for the purpose of political domination. This political scheme is proved by the resolution number 36 issued by the Vietnamese communist Polite Bureau on March 10,2004. That is why Vietnamese Americans are highly vigilant at any communist move because their Vietnam nightmare is still fresh in their mind.
California May 30, 2004

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