Texas Vietnamese American to Protest Against Communist Vietnam

April 30th marks the fall of South Vietnam to North Communists. This a a day of sorrow to 14 millions of South Vietnamese since their freedom, civil and human rights were lost. Since that day, more than one million risked their lives to flee their motherland. Half of them vanished on the East sea, or in the dense forest. Hundreds of thousands former South Vietnam government and Armed Forces were detained and suffered years in the so-called concentration camps.IMG_20150426_135248

Each year, the overseas Vietnamese all other the world remember April 30 “Black April” either by gathering to commemorate or set up candle light vigil to educate the young generations.

Hundreds of Vietnamese American from big cities of Texas (Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington, San Antonio, Houston) shouted slogans accusing Communist Vietnam of all their evil doings against the people and the motherland.

These pictures were taken at the demonstration in front of Communist Vietnam Consulate in Houston on April 27, 2017 to protest against Vietnamese government’s human rights violations and their cowardice ceding land and waters to their Chinese master.IMG_20150426_135441IMG_20150426_135659IMG_20150426_135112


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