Letter from The Vietnamese American Community of Northern California to San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo

1141 E. William St, San Jose CA 95116- 408-242-4056,408-224-4800norcalvacom@yahoo.com –  ID C2116650

Honorable Mr. Sam Liccardo,  San Jose City Mayor

Soldiers Rescuing Wounded Civilians
Dear Mayor,

First, on behalf of VietNamese-American Community-Northern California, We sincerely send you our best wishes, We’ve just received the letter, you stop to organize the event involved in the Black April Day.

Second, though you stop this event, but we still would like to concern you the political root of South VietNam after its collapse on April 30/1975.  This day, the day of The North VN Communist took over the South VN.  This day, the day of the sorrows to blanket over the South VietNam by North Communist invasion.  The sorrow of fathers lost children, sorrows of wives lost husbands, sorrows of row of people pushed into the jails, sorrows of women who were raped, murdered and thrown onto the water. Also, this day, the day to close the coffin-covers of thousand, thousand of our fellow soldier bones along all battlefields. This sorrow hasn’t  never been forgotten by our Viet Community, the community of Viet people who couldn’t live under Communist regime, and we escaped it.  That’s why we can’t accept this painful lesson to follow us into this free country, our last place.   But, VietNam Communist foreign policy has currently tried to drive our community political point of view on Black April day into their way. ( Victory Day ).

We, Viet Anti-Communist Community have always been ready to take any demonstration to protest against any VietNam communist leaders, officials, or its propagandas if they come. By this reality, which is the main reason why VietNam Communist government to try their best to change and rename the mean of this day “ Honor day instead of sorrowful day”.  This target of Viet Communist propagandas, renamed the Black April Day to draw the Viet people minds into the opposite thought, the target will bring Viet Communist foreign policy to regain the welcoming of Viet Anti-Communist Community to wave the Communist red flags with yellow star to honor them when they come, instead of protesting against them.

We now believed that you already understood deeply our sorrow, this day, April 30th.  The day for our VietNamese American Community to pay a silent minute, to drop our tears to remember our fellow people who sacrificed for our country, the sorrowful day, the day of sadness, absolutely, not the day to honor the victory.

Dear Mayor,

Finally, we greatly appreciated you, a real good Mayor of a big city with the largest VietNamese-American Community population, the anti-communist community, you’ve already reconsidered carefully this event which certainly bore the sensible mean to bring the advantage to the VietNam Communist propagandas. Again, We, thank you very much for your help on Non-Communist Zone Resolution last time and this Black April Day.  We’ve always supported you, because of your deep understanding to disregard this event “ To honor…soldiers..” on April 30th, 2015 in the City Hall- the event to bear the Viet Communist propaganda involvement, certainly as we said.

San Jose, April 24, 2015
TIEN NGUYEN, President
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