April 30th – Remembering Vietnam


1957 The Viet Cong, the communist guerrillas in South Vietnam, begin to rebel against government of President Ngo Dinh Diem. U.S. sends first military advisers to help South Vietnam.
1963 (Nov. 1)South Vietnamese military overthrows Diem’s government in CIA-backed coup. Diem and his brother are killed the next day. By year’s end, 15,000 U.S. advisers are in Vietnam.
1964 (Aug. 7)After two U.S. destroyers are attacked off North Vietnam, U.S. Congress approves Gulf of Tonkin Resolution authorizing President Lyndon Johnson to take “all necessary measures … to prevent further aggression.”
1965 (March 6)President Johnson sends Marines to Da Nang, the first U.S. ground troops in the war. U.S. troop strength reaches nearly 200,000.
1968 (Jan. 30)Tet Offensive: North Vietnamese army and Viet Cong launch major assault against South Vietnamese cities. Public approval of President Johnson’s handling of war drops from 40 percent to 26 percent.
1969 (June 8)President Richard Nixon announces the beginning of U.S. troop withdrawal from Vietnam after troop strength reaches 540,000.
1970Henry Kissinger, Nixon’s national security adviser and Hanoi government officials start peace talks in Paris.
1973 (Jan. 27)Ceasefire agreement signed by the U.S, North and South Vietnam and Viet Cong. In March, U.S. ground troops leave Vietnam.
1975 (April 30)
After violating ceasefire, North Vietnamese troops capture Saigon and take control of South Vietnam. President Duong Van Minh surrenders as last U.S. military personnel flee the country.
Source: Bay Area News Group research


More than 58,200 U.S. troops killed

U.S. troops still “unaccounted for”: 1,629.

More than 280,000 South Vietnamese and other Allied troops killed

1.1 million North Vietnamese and Viet Cong fighters killed.

2 million Vietnamese civilians killed

Source: Bay Area News Group research

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