Protest Against Communist Singer Dam Vinh Hung

The Vietnamese American Community of the USA

To: Mr. Gerald Nowotny
Scottish Rite Theater
308 Avenue E, San Antonio, TX 78205Slide8

Subject: Request to Cancel the Lease for a Vietnamese Performance that Features Communist Singer Dam Vinh Hung

Image: Ex Vietnamese pilot -disguised as an old woman-  sprayed tear gas at Dam Vinh Hung in a show 2011, California.

Dear Sir,
We have been informed that Ruby Blvd Entertainment, which are locally represented by Thai Hang (Christina Dang), Mike Nguyen, and Thang Pho (please see attached poster), had invited Hung Minh Huynh (stage name: Dam Vinh Hung) – a singer from Communist Vietnam – to perform on stage at the Scottish Rite Theatre, at 8:00PM, 22 May 15.
Dam Vinh Hung is not simply a singer. He is a member of the Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, which is “the largest social-political organization of Vietnamese youth. The union is led by the Communist Party of Vietnam”
The 4th Party Congress, held from 14th to 20th December 1976 in Hanoi capital, stated that “the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union must be built and well maintained in terms of politics, ideology and organizational structure so as to deserve being a socialist school of the youth as well as a reliable reserve force of the Party”.
That is why Mr. Dam Vinh Hung appearance in major cities in the U.S. has sparked strong protest by Vietnamese American who had fled Vietnam to avoid persecution from the Communist regime. His appearance also evokes grief and resentment in the hearts of many Vietnamese people in the U.S., and creates chaos and disturbance in the peaceful Vietnamese American communities in the U.S.
The Vietnam War, started by the North Vietnamese Communists, resulted in more than 250,000 South Vietnamese soldiers along with 58,000 American soldiers killed in action to fight against the Communist invasion. In addition to this fact, thousands of American soldiers were classified as MIAs and still have not accounted for. All their sacrifices are for only a good cause: freedom.
After the war ended in 1975, hundreds of thousands of former Republic Of Vietnam servicemen and women were imprisoned for decades in the concentration camps by the Communist government. Millions of civilians risked their lives to flee their homeland to escape from the brutality of the Communist policy. More than 500,000 Vietnamese boat people died on the high seas or in dense forest on their way seeking for freedom and human rights. Of the boat people, thousands of teenagers and women were raped by the pirates on their horrible journey.
Nearly a century ruling the country, the Vietnamese communist government has violated human rights, jailed hundreds of thousands of innocent people without trial, and committed to serious corruption. They also carry out the Resolution 36 in order to stir unrest to take control of the Vietnamese Community overseas and to establish a branch of communist party here in the U.S. We believe the appearance of Dam Vinh Hung plays a significant role in promoting the Vietnamese Communist propaganda.
For the stated reasons, we, the Vietnamese American communities in the U.S. strongly oppose the appearance of Dam Vinh Hung in San Antonio, as well as in any shows in the U.S. Allowing him perform on your stage is an insult to the Vietnamese communities in the U.S.
Most of the Vietnamese Americans have witnessed family losses, torture, detained in concentration camps, etc. still kept in our hearts the deep contempt for the Vietnamese Communist government. We respectfully request you to either cancel your contract with Ruby Blvd Entertainment or withdraw Dam Vinh Hung from the concert.
For the peace of the Vietnamese American Communities in the U.S., we also ask the Mason organizations not to support the Vietnamese Communist Party or its camouflaged performance troops to come to any city in the U.S. We are sincerely calling for your understanding, sympathy and support to our community.
We are very grateful for your consideration.
Respectfully Yours,

Mr. Michael Do
CEO, President of the Vietnamese American Community of the USA


Vietnamese American Community of San Antonio, TX
Advisory Board
• Dr. Phan Quang Trong, President of the Vietnamese American Community of San Antonio (VAC-SA)
• Honorable Religious Leaders of the Vietnamese American Community in San Antonio
• Fellow San Antonio Vietnamese Americans
Abstract: Thoughts and opinions from the VAC-SA Advisory Board on the subject of Vietnamese Communist Singer Dam Vinh Hung and the strong reaction from the Vietnamese Community to his planned appearance in San Antonio on 22 May 2015.
In 2004, Communist Vietnam initiated the Resolution 36 as a means to foment turmoil and unrest within the Vietnamese Communities abroad in order to weaken and finally control the Vietnamese Communities. The assimilation and degradation of the cultural heritage of the Vietnamese Communities abroad through cultural propaganda from the Communist Party in Vietnam is one of main objectives under Resolution 36. Dam Vinh Hung (known as Huynh Minh Hung in his birth certificate, born in 1971) is recognized by the Vietnamese Communities abroad not only as a Communist Party member, but as agent in facilitating Resolution 36.
Due to the facts above, the Advisory Board for the Vietnamese American Community of San Antonio offer our thoughts on the following:
1. The strong reactions against and calling for the cancellation of the “Live Show” set to take place in San Antonio on May 22, 2015 due to the presence of Dam Vinh Hung as a main singer for the show are justified. The reactions from the Vietnamese American Community, as political refugees fleeing Communist persecution, here in San Antonio embody the spirit of resistance against any Communist infiltration.
2. The first announcement along with a letter regarding the “Live Show” on May 22, 2015 generated by the Vietnamese American Community of San Antonio offer suggestions on how to counteract the Communist agenda. The choice to act or not act upon those suggestions depends solely upon an individual’s ethical and moral fortitude. This also extends to the communities as law abiding citizens of the United States in their efforts to resist Communist infiltration by demonstrating their love for the community.
3. The Vietnamese American Community of San Antonio is legally recognized by the State of Texas as the organization representing the Vietnamese American Community residing in San Antonio. By participating in various events hosted by the State of Texas, City of San Antonio, the Vietnamese American Community of San Antonio increases its physical and cultural presence within the state and city. Further efforts by representative of the Vietnamese Community of San Antonio resulted in the recognition by the City of San Antonio of the flag of the Republic of South Vietnam (yellow background with three red stripes) as the symbol of the Vietnamese American heritage here in San Antonio and US. The Vietnamese Community of San Antonio has also forged friendships with many organizations in San Antonio during its years here like the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Asian American Alliance of San Antonio, the Asian American Alamo Chamber of Commerce, etc. At the same time, the Vietnamese Community preserves and promotes the Vietnamese culture within the schools and universities as well as businesses and companies. The State of Texas Legislature on many occasions praise and honor the Vietnamese American Community of San Antonio for their contributions to Texas over the years.
4. We, the authors of this open letter, urge the members of the Vietnamese American Community of San Antonio to not forget our status as refugees fleeing from Communist persecution. We urge you to not forget your oath of allegiance to the United States upon receiving citizenship to not associate with Communist Party. We ask you to stand on the side of justice, truth and freedom as a Vietnamese American and prevent the Communists from destroying a community that we built for ourselves after 40 years of living in San Antonio.
San Antonio, May 15, 2015
Tran Van Cam – Do Ngoc Nhan – Le Cong Hoan – Tran Duc Van

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