Reply to Newhaven Town Council regarding the building of Ho Chi Minh Statue

28 Apr 1972, Near Quang Tri City, South Vietnam --- His Tragic Loss. Outside Quang Tri City, So. Vietnam: A distraught father rushes his dead son from truck which struck a mine about four miles south of here, killing at least 40 persons and injuring 60 others. Three trucks, loaded with refugees fleeing this provincial capital under attack, were involved in the incident. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

The Vietnamese American Community of the USA
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TEL : (703) 980 9425 – (512) 800-7227

September 10, 2015

To: Newhaven Town Council Members.
Ms. Jacky Main, Town Council Clerk.

Dear Council Members and Ms. Main,

We understand that the purpose of your plan to promote the historic link between Newhaven and Ho Chi Minh to increase tourism, new business opportunities and more, which your town Newhaven would benefit.

However, we would like you to take into consideration how hurtful your plan is and will be to millions of Vietnamese refugees who fled Vietnam after the Communists won the war. It also hurts the feeling of tens of millions people in Vietnam who have been suffering from the Communist brutality. Many Vietnamese are still trying to flee away from the country to avoid the merciless policies and oppression of the Communist regime. Indeed, Vietnamese people are without any human and civil rights.

We’d like to cite a persistent violation of human rights: As reported by Human Rights Watch, the police in Vietnam routinely use torture and beatings to extract confessions and punish detainees. The criminal justice system, as well as other branches, is under control of the Communist Party.

Ho Chi Minh – the founder of Communist Party (1930) and then Democratic Republic of Vietnam (1945) – is the true responsible man for all misery our people have been enduring. He is no hero to the people, but only to the Communists who hold power and enjoy high privilege.

While you say you don’ t expect either depiction of Ho Chi Minh to be particularly accurate, we want to highlight to the Town Council Members how in 1990, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization refused to recognize Ho Chi Minh as a great leader who “liberated” Vietnam, despite the Communist Vietnam’ s efforts.

Please, be so kind as to thoroughly research the history to learn the true identity of Ho Chi Minh and reconsider potentially accepting the gift from Vietnam, which will undoubtedly be viewed as a way to honor Ho Chi Minh and unfortunately not just a quirk of history.

Kind regards,

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