November 1st, 2015, In Memoriam of the Late President Ngo Dinh Diem

Fifty two years agoNowest 001, on November 1st, 1963, Mr. Ngo Dinh Diem, the first President of the Republic of Vietnam, was violently murdered by a group of Generals in a coup d’etat.

Mr. Ngo, a revolutionist,  a politician who was one of the most respected statesmen of the Free World,  appointed Prime Minister in 1954, and elected President in 1955. He led the South Vietnam to peacefully prosperity in 9 years, despite the insurgency of the Vietcong (founded, led, and supported by the North Vietnamese Communist Party).

Mr. Ngo was overthrown due to his strong objection to the US policy to send combat troops to fight in Vietnam War.

Half a century after his death, the Vietnamese people still remember him as a great true patriot who lived a simple, humble life and completely devoted to the people and nation.

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