Ho Chi Minh, an insulting name to our Vietnamese people

To:    Mr. Steve Jenkins, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Ms. Shellye Arnold, CEO, Memorial Park Conservancy. 7575 North Picnic Lane, Houston, TX 77007

Subject:  Ho Chi Minh TrailHCM

Dear Sir/Madam,

We happen to know that in the Memorial Park, there is a trail named after the former Vietnamese Communist leader Ho Chi Minh. We respect your right of speech as we are living in a free and democratic country.

However, we would like you to take into consideration how hurtful our Vietnamese Americans endure each time we recall the name Ho Chi Minh, particularly in the country that once was our ally in the war against Communism.

Ho Chi Minh – the founder of Communist Party (1930) and then Democratic Republic of Vietnam (1945) – is the true responsible man for all misery our people have been enduring. He is no hero to the people, but only to the Communists who hold power and enjoy high privilege.

The name Ho Chi Minh recalls a long nightmare to millions of Vietnamese refugees who fled Vietnam after the Communists won the war. It also hurts the feeling of tens of millions people in Vietnam who for more than half century, have been suffering from the Communist brutality.  Many Vietnamese are still trying to flee away from the country to avoid the merciless policies and oppression of the Communist regime. Indeed, Vietnamese people are without any human and civil rights thanked to Ho Chi Minh’s ideology.

Please, be so kind as to thoroughly research the history to learn the true identity of Ho Chi Minh and remove his name from your facilities.

We wish you all the best.

Kind regards,


Response from the CEO of Memorial Park Conservancy:

Shellye Arnold <SArnold@memorialparkconservancy.org>  Today at 6:45 AM

To: Bill Laurie

CC: Kiet Nguyen  Marc Yablonka  Michael Do  John Del Vecchio  Roger Soiset  and 4 more…

Hello Mr. Laurie,

Thank you for your message concerning the naming of the bike trails in Memorial Park.  There seems to be  misinformation circulating that the Memorial Park Conservancy or the Houston Parks and Recreation Department / City of Houston gave the Memorial Park southern hike/bike trails the names of “Ho Chi Minh” or “Cambodia.”  Please know — and let others know — that we have not named the trails this, do not use these names, will not name the trails this and do not sanction the use of these names.

Trails in the southern part of Memorial Park were called informal names including these in the early 1990s by private bike groups and individuals. This is likely due to the remoteness and difficulty of the trails – but we don’t really know. These are informal names that have been used privately and may be seen occasionally on facebook, blogs and club web pages. They are not official names and are not approved by the City of Houston, the Park Master Plan or the Memorial Park Conservancy.

As long as I have been in this role (3 years), I have instructed my staff not to refer to the trails using these names, and also to discourage users from referring to the trails this way.

Please let others interested in this topic know this.

Thank you,


Latest news:

The HATR leadership has sent notice to its members urging not to use the name Ho Chi Minh trail although the name had not been agreed or approved by the Memorial Park, HATR or City of Houston. Thank so much for listening!

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8 Responses to Ho Chi Minh, an insulting name to our Vietnamese people

  1. Kev says:

    What about Ho Chi Minh City??
    Why don’t you look up why it is, and always will be called. The Ho Chi Minh Trails.

    If you love Vietnam so much, why are you here??

    I get offended everytime I drive down Bellaire Blvd and I can’t read the names of the signs.
    i wonder if I’m living


    • mpvd1946 says:

      What about Ho Chi Minh City??
      Why don’t you look up why it is, and always will be called. The Ho Chi Minh Trails.

      Love Vietnam doesn’t mean love the Communists, Communism, and the leader Ho Chi Minh. We still use the name Saigon instead of Ho Chi Minh City.

      If you love Vietnam so much, why are you here??

      We are here because we could not live under Communism, We had been persecuted for our role in the former Republic of Vietnam.
      Put yourself in our shoes, you will understand.

      I get offended everytime I drive down Bellaire Blvd and I can’t read the names of the signs.

      So learn, like you learn Spanish if you are not racist. Don’t forget this land belonged to the Indian, Your fore-parents were nothing but kind of refugees!


  2. Sebastiaan says:

    I currently live in Vietnam, as a student, and I have many Vietnamese friends, and all of them really do see Ho Chi Minh as a national hero, and and live in Ho Chi Minh, in the South. And really, you may be Vietnamese, but you don’t live in Vietnam right now, so it’s someones word who lives there verses someones who doesn’t.


    • mpvd1946 says:

      You need to realize that those people in Vietnam today have lived half century under Communism. They received the education in which the Vietnamese history had been rewritten to serve the Communist propaganda. Most of them did not live under South Vietnam regime before 1975 to know that our Republic of Vietnam was an independent state allied with Western democracy, while the North Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh was only a part of the International Communism led by Soviet Union. The war that killed 3 million Vietnamese people of both sides was only the war started by Communists to occupy the South, expanding the Communist world. Ho Chi Minh was also a puppet of China. He signed and submitted to Chu En Lai (then Chinese Premier) a memorandum to recognize Chinese ownership of our islands on the East Vietnam sea in 1971! Should a Vietnamese patriot give lands and waters to our traditional enemy?


      • Sebastiaan says:

        He goes do the British International School. And there they defiantly do not use Vietnamese Propaganda.


      • mpvd1946 says:

        It’s not uncommon when a person who grows up in a regime will defend that regime. If you have chance to go to North Korea, you’d hear people say good about Kim Ung Un!
        If Communism is good, it would not be rejected and buried after more than half century expanding to 1/2 of humankind. Ho Chi Minh, as well as Mao Tse Tung, Kim il Yung, Fidel Castro is a loyal Communist! His hand soaked with blood of millions of Vietnamese during his reign!


  3. mpvd1946 – you are beating a dead horse. You are right in that the education system in VN is rigged with government teachers who cannot tell the truth, but lie about history. Thus, the current generation has been brain washed to think the killer of millions of innocent men, women and children in VN is a saint. They do not teach about the thousands of peasants he had murdered nor the parents, children and teachers in Saigon that were murdered for sending their children to school because he did not want them educated about freedom, only oppressive communism.

    However, since the internet and opening up of VN, the younger generation has opened their eyes to history and the lies of HCM are crumbling, but slowly. Especially in the South, people are becoming to educate themselves and realize what a fascist murder he was, but cannot speak out publicly because they will go to prison. So, those who think he is an angel, only do so because they do not know the truth or are afraid to speak out. That is oppression, not freedom. I look forward to the day when South Vietnam tells the North to shove it. The day is coming and I see t he south growing more powerful by the day. It will be interesting to see what happens when the day comes when the people in the South say enough is enough.


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