Letter to President Obama, Asking for Help to Release Prisoners of Conscience

8 March 2016


To: President Barack Obama

The White House


Dear President Barrack Obama:

Thank for the opportunity to write you on an issue that probably has not mentioned by many people. In next few weeks, you will make a visit to Vietnam and I hope that you will enjoy your stays.

Since we are Vietnamese-Americans, we still have a great interest in Vietnam. We know that there are people who are currently held in prison by Vietnam government because they have expressed their freedom of speech and freedom of religious. As Vietnamese American Community of USA, we urge Mr. President to request Vietnam government to release immediately and unconditionally those in prison to show its goodwill toward the democratization as the Communist leaders have promised. On top of the list of the prisoners of conscience, we are very concerned about the Rev. Nguyen Van Ly, who has been imprisoned since 2007 and his health is in real bad condition.:

We’d like to express our appreciation to your help.

We wish that you have a good trip to Vietnam. May God bless you and the USA

Sincerely yours,

Michael Do

CEO, President of the VACUSA

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