Donald Trump- Lion King surrounded by a menacing pack of wolves

Binh Quoc Huynh (Oct. 24, 2016)


(The translation from Vietnamese to English is provided by a volunteer who is a member of Huynh’s audience.)

A few people  told me that Mr. Trump is encountering a situation similar to a dominant Tiger King (from the “Lion King”) that is surrounded by a menacing pack of wolves, or he is a lone valiant Soldier surrounded by his opponents. I’ll refrain from expanding on this comment due to the length of the text but I’d simply acknowledge that Mr. Trump is a “Lone Fighter” even among his Republican compatriots.  This is not to be mistaken with the lack of individual supporters or voters.

By openly criticizing Mr. Trump’s weak points, these hypocrites hope to elevate their political status.  In their warped thinking, they believe that the more they put Mr. Trump down, the higher will they climb to fame and recognition.

The media which supports Hillary Clinton, use  “below the belt” tactics by spreading Mr. Trump’s  10+ years old  locker room comments about women.  A number of self-righteous individuals joined in the “judgement of character” (the accusation) in order to promote their own moral worthiness.

In my opinion, Mr. Trump failed to hide his “human weakness” (the macho man talk) while people expect to see the image of the perfect moral man, thus resulting in being cornered during the previous debate.  Donald Trump, being very astute in dealing with people, recognized his human mistake, therefore he succeeded in eliminating uncanny tactics aiming at destroying his reputation.

In my opinion, Mr. Donald Trump is far from being a “Nobody”.  He is a “Somebody”, a self-made millionaire, then billionaire.  Despite his bankruptcy, he overcame his misfortune and climbed back higher in social/monetary status.  He is truly an extraordinary man. Being experienced in communications (T.V and radio…) there is no reason to doubt his ability to persuade his audience and listeners. Being astute in marketing strategies Mr. Trump attained great success in business.  As a billionaire and business leader, there is no doubt that he knows how to recruit top-notched professionals to work as his advisors.

With all of the above accomplishments it is far-fetched to think of him as an “idiot”.  All political candidates need the support and praises of the mass media except Mr. Trump.  He refused to be interviewed by the Media that he knew intended to harm him, figuratively speaking.  Out of anger, various reporters mentioned Donald Trump’s name so often that it got ingrained in people’s mind and memory.  Should we say that Mr. Trump was brilliant in getting free advertisement.

Mr. Trump is very bold in speaking up on issues that most other candidates try to avoid for fear of self-incrimination.  In laymen’s terms, Mr. Trump knows where to “scratch the itch” of the populace, resulting in the elimination of other Republican candidates in the Primaries.

A tactless person or a “dummy” doesn’t possess the above abilities! Donald Trump must be a very special and unique person to rise above the ordinary; for it is said that it’s much easier “to go with the flow” than “to go against it”. Mr. Trump is the only one who can successfully turn things around in his favor.
Following the presidential campaign and the debates, I believe that Mr. Trump has definite strategies and tactics. He is a man with an agenda, rather than someone vocal but with undefined plans. He’s the only candidate that both the Establishment Republicans and the Democrats dread.

It’s true that Donald  Trump doesn’t back down, despite the fierce competition with Hillary Clinton, a very well versed woman with the unquenching thirst for power since adulthood.  I once was attracted by the eloquence of this powerful woman.  Regrettably, my idol disappointed me greatly and I chose not to support her in this Race to the White House.

Hillary Clinton and her cohorts accused Donald Trump for discriminating against the Muslim faith, but in reality she and her cohorts discriminate against Christianity, the religion of the majority of U.S. Citizens. It is hard to understand why some Catholics and Protestants support Hillary Clinton. Those hypocrites accused Donald Trump of discriminating against immigrants, just because he suggested building a wall at the border of Mexico and the U.S., while they themselves live in locked down homes and gates. Don’t they realize that the U.S. is not a “flea market” where people can just come and go as they please.
In all societies, the definition of a good person is  a person who has not committed anything bad against another individual.  All Christians who claimed to be moral and righteous yet accuse Donald Trump for the few words he uttered some 10+ years in the past must also condemn the lewd and immoral acts of Bill Clinton, Hillary’s husband, to be fair. Besides, they must read the story of the woman who committed adultery in the New Testament, Book of John Chapter 8 to see whether they are worthy to stone Donald Trump.

It’s said that whoever carries a knife instills fear in people; however, a knife in the hand of a gangster or in the hand of a surgeon has opposite implications.  A gangster uses the knife to rob and kill innocent people while a surgeon uses the scalpel to save life.  I wish that the knife will be in the Hand of “Surgeon” Donald Trump and I wish that he would become the next President to the United States of America, the Greatest Christian Country in the world which I am one of its proud citizens.

Binh Quoc Huynh

– Huynh is preaching the gospel, also host and moderator of the weekly Vietnamese radio talk show called “We and the World Today” on TNT Radio Network- Atlanta, GA. USA.

– Huynh was a coordinator Multicultural Ministries- Mission Strategy Readiness Teams for the Church of the Nazarene in the USA and Canada.

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“Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice”, by Professor Wayne Grudem:
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