Objection to the Intervention of Communist Vietnam to the VOA Vietnamese Programs

Cộng Đồng Người Việt Quốc Gia Hoa Kỳ
The Vietnamese American Community of USA
P.O. Box 452 Sterling Heights, MI 48311
Websites: http://tienggoicongdan.com/
Email: CDNVQGHOAKY@gmail.com

September 19, 2014

Mr. David Enson
Director, The Voice of America
330 Independence Ave. SW
Washington, DC 20237
Ref: Objection to the Intervention of Communist Vietnam to the VOA Vietnamese Programs

Dear Mr. Enson;

For more than seven decades, since its first live broadcast on February 1, 1942, the Voices from America has presented clearly and effectively the policies of the USA. The world looks at the VOA as the most trustful, reliable, and objective source of information. Indeed, the VOA became the voice and hope of millions of people who advocate justice, humanity, democracy and freedom.

Recently, we learnt that the VOA had signed an agreement with the Voice of Vietnam (aka VOV) to broadcast a fifteen minute prime-time radio program across Vietnam. In the agreement, “VOV Giao Thong Radio 91 FM, shall have the right to determine whether or not a specific program is in accordance with laws of Vietnam and will have the option not to air such a specific program if it so chooses. ” By this, we understand that Communist Vietnamese news agency has the right to censor any contents that they deem not comply with their political points of view.

If the said is true, we are very disappointed that the VOA would act against its own concepts and violates the freedom of press protected by the US Constitution.

We all know that the nature of Communism is deception. The Communists are masters of liars. They lie to their own people, to the international community and even among themselves. They are enemies of the righteous people.

The great majority of Vietnamese Americans are those who fled the country simply because they did not accept the Communist regime. Vietnamese Communist Party has set the goal to gain control over the Vietnamese abroad; and it has huge budget to carry out all activities to distort the information by using deceitful propaganda.

Please, consider our comments seriously and void the agreement. Please, don’t let the Communist Vietnam to interfere to any programs of the VOA. Any yield to Vietnam in this issue would insult the Vietnamese Americans Community and would spark a nationwide protest and devalue the VOA reputation.

Respectively yours,
Tien Ngoc Nguyen
Chairman of the Board of Representatives
The Vietnamese American Community of the USA.

Copies to:
VOA Editorials
VOA Vietnamese Program


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