Objection to the Recognition of April 30 as “South Vietnamese Recognition Day”

The Vietnamese American Community of the USA
P.O. Box 1052, Round Rock, Texas 78680-1052
Tel: (616) 994-9914
Email: cdnvqghoaky@gmail.com
Website: http://www.congdongnvqghoaky.org, http://www.congdongnvqghoaky.org/vn/
From: Concerned Vietnamese Americans in the USA
To: The Honorable Senators and Representatives
State of Virginia Congress
1000 Bank Street Richmond, VA 23219

Letter of Objection to the Recognition of April 30 as “South Vietnamese Recognition Day”
Dear Senators and Representatives,

We acknowledged that some individuals had submitted a petition to name our mourning day – April 30th – as “South Vietnamese Recognition Day”. As a result, the Congress of Virginia State – after two day of discussion on February 21nd and 22nd – passed the Resolution SJ-455 approving said demand.

By working on the Resolution SJ-455, you have shown your concern on an important historic event that happened in our motherland Vietnam. On behalf of the Vietnamese American Communities and Organizations, we’d like to express our deepest gratitude to your noble move to our cause.

However, we also want to express our disappointment to the Resolution for the following reasons:

1.- April 30th, 1975 marks a darkest page in our Vietnamese history when the Communists took power in Saigon, thus all over our nation.
2.- April 30th is the day that tens of millions of Vietnamese people began to suffer the brutal policies of the Vietnamese Communist Party that led to the Boat People episode in which hundreds of thousands lost their lives on the high sea.
3.- April 30th is also the day that hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese military officers and civil servants, even priests and businessmen were detained in hard labor concentration camps for years. Many of them died of starvation, torture, illness, and many other causes.

Therefore – wherever outside Vietnam – Vietnamese people commemorate the April 30th as “Ngay Quoc Han”, meaning “the Day of Mourning”.

We learned that in 2002, the Congress of Virginia State did recognize April 30th as “National Vietnamese Remembrance Day” by passing the Resolution SJ-137 which was endorsed by the Honorable Senator Leslie Byrne.

The recent Resolution SJ-455 does not reflect the true meaning of the “April 30th” that we, the Vietnamese people have in our mind. We are not happy that “April 30th” is given any names other than Remembrance or Mourning Day.

We, Vietnamese Americans, respectfully request the Congress of Virginia State to designate another day for the Resolution SJ-455, but maintain and reconfirm “April 30th” as the “National Vietnamese Remembrance Day” instead.

This letter is posted on GoPetition.com for other individuals to sign:

Thank you for your concern and consideration.

Yours, very truly

Signed by

Vietnamese Americans Communities:
1.- The Vietnamese Americans Community of the USA
– Mr. Tien Ngoc Nguyen, Chairman of the Representative Board
– Ms. Thu Lan Huynh, Chairwoman of the Executive Board
– Mr. Tan Van Nguyen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
2.- The Vietnamese Community of the USA
– Mr. Quang Hong Mac, Chairman of the Representative Board.
– Ms. Hoang Hoa Ton Nu, Chairwoman of Executive Board.
3.- The Vietnamese Americans Community of Tarrant County, Texas. Mr. Luan Kinh Nguyen, President
4.- The Vietnamese Americans Community of Arkron, Ohio. Mr. Dinh Cao, President.
5.- The Vietnamese Americans Community of Cleveland, Ohio – Mr. Đinh Cao, President
6.- The Vietnamese Americans Community of North California. Mr. Tien Nguyen, President
7.- The Vietnamese Americans Community of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mr. Phạm Hùng Kiệt, President
8.- The Vietnamese Americans Community of San Antonio. Mr. Phan Quang Trọng, President
9.- The Vietnamese Refugees Community of Minnesota. Mr. Nguyễn Quốc Đống, President
10.- The Vietnamese Americans Community of Saint Cloud, MN. Mr. Nguyễn Kiếm Hoa. Đại Diện
11.- The Vietnamese Americans Community of Austin, Texas – Mr. Châu Kim Khánh, President
12.- The Vietnamese Americans Community of Georgia. Ms Trish Thuy Duong Nguyen, President.
13.- The Vietnamese Americans Community of San Francisco, CA. Mr. Lê Quốc Tấn, for the President.
14.- The Vietnamese Americans Community of Pensacola, FL – Vương v. Giàu, Advisor.
15.- The Vietnamese Americans Community of Arizona. Mr. Nguyen Van Tao, President.
Other Organizations:
1.- The Vietnamese Veterans Association of Michigan. Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Vân, President
2.- Republic of South Viet Nam Academy Coalition of Infantry. Mr. NguyễnHữuNhân, President
3.- Bloc 8406 of the USA. Mr. Quốc Việt, Representative
4.-The Former Vietnamese Political Prisoners Association of Minnesota. Mr. Điền Minh Xuyến, President
5.- The Ex-Cadets of Vietnamese Military Academy Association, Minnesota. Mr. Ngô Nơi, President
6.- The Nationalist Vietnamese Women Association of Minnesota. Ms. Nguyễn Phương Lan, President
7.- The Overseas Vietnamese Pen Club of North-East Region. Mr. Nguyễn Thiếu Nhẫn, President
8.- The Committee for Defense of National Just Cause. Mr. Trương Như Phùng, Houston, TX.President
9.-The Federation of Association of Former Vietnamese Political Prisoners. Mr. Nguyễn Trung Châu, President
10.- The Vietnamese Senior Citizens of Grand Rapids, MI. Mr. Nguyễn văn Dần, President
11.- The Trung Vuong Women Association of Grand Rapids, MI. Ms Phạm thị Mỹ, President
12.- Đại Tín Association, Grand Rapids, MI. Mr. Nguyễn v. An, President
13.- The Ex-Students of Chu Van An HS Association, CA. Mr. Lê Duy San, President
14.- The Ex-Cadets of Vietnamese Military Academy Association of DFW, TX. Mr.Ngô V Tuận, President.
15.- The Ex-Marine Corps Soldiers Association of DFW – Nguyễn Trọng Tuấn, President
16.- The Nationalist Women Association. Ms. Nguyễn Hữu Đoan Trang, President
17.- The Vietnamese Committee for Supporting the Struggle in Vietnam. Mr. Đoàn Thi, President
18.- Dan Van Magazine, Germany. Mr. Lý Trung Tín, Editor-in Chief.
19.- The Overseas Movement for Supporting the Struggle in Vietnam. Mr. Ngo Ngoc Hieu, Representative.
20.- Diều Hâu Magazine- Vũ Hồng, Editor in Chief
21.- Naval & Maritime Association, Florida – Hoàng Mộng Lương, President.
22.- Vietnamese Ex-Special Commandos Fellowship, Florida – Nguyễn Lâm Viên, President.
23.- Vietnamese Veterans Association of Cleaveland, Ohio – Nguyễn Văn Đình, President.
24.- The Vietnamese Women Association of Georgia. Ms. Lý Thị Thái, President.
25.- The Bac Lieu- Soc Trang – Ca Mau Fellowship of Georgia. Mr. Tiêu-Khải-Đằng, President.
26.- The Quang Trị Fellowship of Georgia. Mr. Nguyễn Minh Tuấn, President.
27.- The Vinh Long Fellowship of Georgia. Mr. Trần Minh Triết, President.
28.- The Thua Thien-Hue Fellowship of Georgia. Mr. Hà Thúc Trình President.
29.- The Hau Nghia Fellowship of Georgia. Mr. Trần Văn Phát, President.
30.- The Tay Son – Binh Dinh Fellowship of Georgia. Mr. Lê Kỳ Hòa, President.

31. The Vietnamese National Police Association of Georgia. Mr. Lê Văn Lòng, President.
32.- The Vietnamese Ex-Marine Corps of Georgia. Mr. Đoàn Văn Tịnh, President.
33.- The Vietnamese Air Force Association of Geogia. Mr. Võ Trung Nhân, President.
34.- The Vietnamese Ex-Special Forces of Georgia. Mr. Quách Nhung, President.
35. The Quang Tri Fellowship of North California – Nguyễn Châu, President..
36.- The Zien Hong Association of North California. Mr. Nguyễn Châu, Secretary General.
37.- The Vietnamese Overseas Pen Club of NW America. Mr. Hoàng Xuyên Anh, Advisor.
38.- The Pacific-Asian Association of Georgia. Ms. Bà Đoàn Đàm Lệ, Hội President.
39. The Vietnamese Historical Association in Europe. Mr. Trúc-Lâm Nguyễn-Việt Phúc-Lộc, Secretary General
40.- The Former Political Prisoners Association of Dallas-Fort Worth. Mr. Tran Van Chinh, President.
41.- Tuoi Ha Forum, San Diego. Mr. Nguyễn Hùng Thế, Moderator.

1. Nguyễn H Điền, TX
2. Phù T Giang, TX
3. Phù Đức Uy, TX
4. Nguyễn Tấn Phát, MS
5. Nguyễn H Quốc, TX
6. Lý v Hanh, MI
7. Hoàng Lan Chi, CA
8. Võ Đình Chương, Germany
9. Võ Tự Đản, San Jose, Bắc Cali.
10. Nguyễn Ngọc Phách, Houston, TX
11. Trần Thiệu Điềm, MI
12. Vy Nguyễn, MI
13. Chung Nguyễn, MI
14. Khâm Lê, MI
15. Amie Nguyễn, MI
16. Huê Huỳnh, MI
17. Phú Phạm, MI
18. Bình Nguyễn, MI
19. Anh Hồ, MI
20. Chiến Trần. MI
21. Phan Quân, MI
22. Xung Hồ, MI
23. Bê Hoàng, MI
24. Vũ Hùng, MI
25. Trần v. Thanh, MI
26. Linh Phan, MI
27. Vân Nguyễn, MI
28. Công Huỳnh, MI
29. Võ Tuấn, MI
30. Nga Nguyễn, MI
31. Hoa Trần. MI
32. Sinh Lê, MI
33. Tài Vương, MI
34. Thái Trần, MI
35. Trang Nguyễn, MI
36. Phúc Lâm, MI
37. Hà N. Ẩn, MI
38. Võ T. Thọ, MI
39. Hòa Huỳnh, MI
40. Mai Nguyễn, MI
41. Phong Thái, AZ
42. Nguyễn N. Dung, CA
43. Minh Huynh, TX
44. Minh Nguyễn, Goergia
45. Lê Công Truyền, AZ
46. Trần Đại Trung, MI
47. Lê Ngọc Huê, NC
48. Lê Lợi – TX
49. Trang Nguyễn – TX
50. Lương Nguyễn – FL
51. Châu Nguyên – TX
52. Đức Nguyễn – TX
53. Huyền Nguyễn – TX
54. Vân Nguyễn – TX
55. Vũ Đức Nghiêm –
56. Bùi Dương Liêm – VA
57. Nguyễn thị Bé Bảy – VA
58. Nguyễn Kim Dần – Canada
59. Lưu Xuân Phước – TX
60. Trần Thị Duyên – TX
61. Cung Nhật Thành, TX
62. GS Trần Thủy Tiên, TX
63. Lyly Nguyễn – TX
64. Keny Ho – TX
65. Mai van An, CA
66. Nguyễn Vân Tùng – TX
67. Hữu Lê – AZ
68. Tài Đỗ, TX
69. Tuyên Nguyễn, TX
66. Đoàn Trọng Hiếu, NM
67. Vũ Thị Hồng Lạc, NM
68. Nhanh Phạm, KS
69. Len Do, KS
68. Manh Nguyen , CA
69. Chan Nguyen , CA
70. Peter Nguyen , CA
71. Hang Nguyen , CA
72. Gary-Ho
73. Phung Tran
74. Nguyễn Ngọc Sẵng, AZ
75. Hồ Văn Dàng, AZ
76. Nguyen Ngoc Son, AL
77. Do Kim VanDan, AL
78. Nguyen Nam Phung Vivian, AL
79. Deo Van Tran, , IA
80. Khôi Tống, TX
81. Nguyễn Hữu Châu, CA
82. Nguyễn, Julie Hạnh,CA
83. Nguyễn, Ellen, CA
84. Nguyễn Hữu Quế, CA
85. Nguyễn, Jade Hằng, CA
86. Nguyễn, Leslie, CA
87. Nguyễn, Sony, CA
88. Bà quả phụ Nguyễn Hữu Hy, CA
89. Nguyễn Phụng Hoàng
90. Nguyễn Tú Anh
91. Ngô Đoàn, CA
92. Kha Phạm, SC
93. Oanh Nguyễn, SC
94. Nguyễn Tri Quế, GA
95. Lê Thị Bửu Châu, GA
96. Hồ Lê Trấn Quốc, GA
97. Nguyễn Phụng Kiều, GA
98. Nguyễn Tri Quang, GA
99. Nguyễn Kiều Phương, GA
100. Hồ Thị Mai, GA
101. Lê Minh Nguyệt, GA
102. Nguyễn Tri Minh, GA
103. Phan Thị Hạnh, GA
104. Lê Huỳnh Ngọc Thanh, IN
105. Quan Lê, VA
106. Đỗ Long, TX
107. Jimmy Hoàng, PA
108. Liên Nguyễn, TX

The individuals signing is in progress on http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/objection-to-the-recognition-of-april-30th-as-south-vietnamese-recognition-day.html.

Mr. Michael Peavey Do
Secretary General of the Vietnamese American Community of the U.S.A.
Telephone: 512-789-0481
Email: md46usa@gmail.com


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