The Reason Why Donald Trump Won the Presidential Election

By Binh Quoc Huynh (Nov. 12, 2016)


The final count of the Election (and the defeat) was accepted by Mrs. Clinton nonetheless with bemoaning statement “I’m enduring this endless sadness…”

Those jealous individuals, whose personal interests are affected by the outcome of the election, harbor hatred against Trump and continue to slander him to no end.

This group (of people) is so furious as to fabricate false statements, supposedly uttered by Mr. Trump.  Some even resort to vulgar sex pictures of DT with women to smear and to defame him.  During the campaign both sides used wicked tactics to defeat one another, not to mention the ones (below the belts) used by Secretary of State Clinton and her cohorts against Mr. Trump.

The Dems expected him to collapse, and give up  but  instead, as a Loner,  he charged forward on solid footing,  similar to a tank (vehicle) driver lunging into the maze of all kinds of ammo (ammunition) hurled at him (by his enemies) to finally reaching the ultimate goal (destination).  In the end the tank driver victoriously reached his destination (goal).

We’re wondering why Mrs. Clinton and President Obama ignore the civil unrest (the rowdy mob) of some fraction of lawless individuals who want to reverse the results of the election and unseat the new President Elect.  Just who is the culprit that incites this mob behavior (instead of discouraging it) of those unruly people who refuse to accept the “fair and square” results of the Election.

I would like to quote some of the outstanding accomplishments of Mr. Trump. As a businessman, after a couple of bankruptcies, not only does he overcome failures but also (does he) rise to greater heights and successes. To me he is an extraordinary man.  Being astute in mass communications Mr. Trump no doubt knows what American viewers and listeners want to hear out of him and from him.

As a very successful businessman, he definitely knows the importance of “meeting customers needs”. Billionaire Trump certainly knows how to recruit top-notched (political) professionals to be his advisers or to be part of his Cabinet.  I would say that he’s very bold in his words and in his acts plus he dares dissect issues that the majority of politicians try to dodge.  He sate the yearning of the mass (population) thus succeeds in eliminating all other Republican presidential candidates in the primaries.

By all means he proves himself a Genius who can successfully rise above his contenders.  It’s no surprise that his opponents, and those who wish for his loss in the Election (including a handful of Republican higher-ups/bigwigs) came to realize that their uncanny tactics and strategies cannot be measured up to his.  The two-term President Obama (with the help of the leftist Media) can not grasp the unprecedented “Big Loss” of Mrs. Clinton (while they’re so certain of her “big win”).

Isn’t it ironic that as much as they band together for the sole purpose of attacking him  on all fronts (figuratively speaking) and of hurling insults at him, they are the ones who suffer shameful defeat.

Who voted for Mr. Trump? The quiet Black, White and all other American citizens who are sick and tired of putting up with Obama’s reckless irresponsible and borrowing habits, which eventually will plunge the country into poverty, came out to vote in drove. They did not participate in any “public opinion surveys” of the leftist media, known to serve only the interests of the Democratic Party, namely Mrs. Clinton.

What a big last minute “Shock” for the Dems to lose the election while they are so sure they will win Big.  We believe that God gives Mr. Trump clear instructions on how to win.  Donald Trump’s wise choice of Mr. Pence as his running mate/Vice President Pence, is divinely guided by HIM. Mike Pence is a remarkably devoted Christian who is capable of carrying out his duties as Vice President.

While other politicians deliver empty promises Mr. Trump instills heartfelt trust in people.  His slogan of to “make America Great again” coupled with his “sincere Love of Country”, prove to the mass population that he’s truly a very patriotic person, who will courageously lead the Nation back in the right direction.  I, for one, truly believe that he possesses a keen ability to see through problems and to find the best solutions in a timely manner.  He definitely knows how to “sell himself” i.e., to convince people that he is able and also capable of leading the US.  In marketing, that tactic is known as “selling oneself to the customers”.  Mr. Trump is therefore the Master of Marketing.  I admire Mr. Trump for waking up the conscience of Christians–Catholics as well as Protestants.  He convinces people that whoever is against the Bible is also against God (the Father).  He dares publicly oppose late-term abortion and claim his Pro-life stance.  Mrs. Clinton, on the other hand is pro-abortion yet covering up this atrocious/inhuman act of killing babies in the womb with the euphemism Pro-choice.

What in the world is the “choice” to kill the most defenseless humans in the womb!!!  That term should be rightly changed to Pro-kill i.e to kill innocent babies in the mothers’ wombs.

By flying all over the country to campaign for Mrs. Clinton and against Mr. Trump, Obama and his wife angered Americans who showed up to vote to stop this partisan conspiracy.  The rank and file of Republican Officials who deserted Mr. Trump upset most voters (who view them as traitors) who feel sorry for Mr. Trump. Those voters save (vote for him) the “Underdog Trump”.

Please, watch this video interview of a Black American lady, Mrs. Brunell Donald Kyei, a supporter of Donald  Trump, who declared that all legal immigrants have nothing to fear about  President Trump’s policies.  He will only deport illegal immigrants.
Below are some more reasons why people elected Donald Trump?

– People are fed up with Obamacare, a healthcare product with so much hoopla and with so little substance and benefits.

– Law-abiding Americans want to preserve the good old moral values that our founders started since Day One.

– The majority of American citizens want a majority of conservative Justices in the Supreme Court to preserve the good old (Christian values and moral ones) values.

So do people think that it’s a miracle that Trump is elected? The outcome is from God who gives Trump the “know-how” to face problems and solve them.  Because of his valiant fighting spirit and his courage, Mr. Trump has overcome all odds (“swimming against the current…”)

Please, save this writing for future reference.
I, Binh Quoc Huynh often quote that on the weekly Vietnamese radio talk show called “We and the World Today” on TNT Radio Network, located in Atlanta, GA, USA  predicted that Mr. Trump would win and be elected as President of the US.  He is a very brilliant and vibrant President Elect. Standing with him is Mr. Mike Pence, a very kind, considerate Christian VP, whom American citizens have been asking God for many, many long years.

This is the beginning of a New Era that Americans have been longing for, following the footsteps of American tradition of past Great Presidents admired by all.

Binh Quoc Huynh
– Mr. Huynh is preaching the gospel, also host and moderator of the weekly Vietnamese radio talk show called “We and the World Today” on TNT Radio Network- Atlanta, GA. USA.

– Mr. Huynh was a coordinator Multicultural Ministries- Mission Strategy Readiness Teams for the Church of the Nazarene in the USA and Canada.

(The translation from Vietnamese to English is provided by a volunteer who is a Christian and a member of Huynh’s audience.)

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