The Depths of Hell

DepthsofHell_1Introducing the newly published THE DEPTHS OF HELL by Michael P Do.

The author was detained in the Vietnamese Communist concentration camps for 10 years after the fall of the Republic of Vietnam in 1975. In 226 pages, you will discover how the prisoners survived the constant torture, humiliation, starvation in the horrible Communist prisons as well as the courageous and steadfast role models when facing the life-and-death situations threatened everyday by the enemies.

The book is available on


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The Vietnamese American Community of the USA (VAC-USA) New Leadership (2017-2020)


National Congress of the VAC-USA at San Antonio, Texas on October 14, 2017

Short Biography of the Members of the Boards of the Vietnamese American Community of the USA (VAC-USA). 


 Board of Directors


1.- Mr. Michael Do (aka Do Van Phuc): 71 years old, former ARVN officer, former political prisoner in Vietnamese Communist concentration camp A-20.

Graduated from Van Hanh University (Saigon) with BA degree in Political Science, The University of Texas at Austin with BS in Electrical Engineering, The National Technological University (Colorado) with MS in Engineering Management.

Before retiring in 2014, he had worked for Lockheed Austin Division, Advanced Micro Devices, National Instruments, and Motorola, also, taught Math and Science at Pflugerville ISD’s high schools.

Authored 11 books on Vietnamese and American political and social issues. Presented papers at major international conferences and symposia in the USA. Published hundreds of commentaries on newspapers and magazines in the US, Europe and Australia. Currently in charge of the Weekly News on the Vietnamese Public Radio (headquarters in Oklahoma). Very active in community services since 1992, was Chairman of the Board of Executives and currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of the VAC-USA.

2.- Mr. Kevin Dang (aka Dang The Khuong), 39 years old.

Graduated from University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy with a Ph.D. in Pharmacy; He also earned an MBA in Health Care. He is the Director of Pharmacy Services at the Dignity Health Arizona General Hospital and Dignity Health Free Standing Emergency Rooms. Adjunct Professor at Grand Canyon University teaching Pharmacology & Biological Sciences

In early 2011, Kevin and five other young individuals established Vietnamese Coalition of Arizona (VACAZ) with an effort to preserve, enrich, and promote the Vietnamese culture, history, and language.  In 2013, Kevin was elected as the President of the Vietnamese Community, serving the term 2013-2016, and was re-elected to serve his second term 2016-2019.  Besides serving as the President of the Vietnamese Community of Arizona, Kevin was recently appointed by Arizona Republican Chairman, Jonathan Lines as the Chairman of the Asian-American Republican Coalition.  Living in the land of freedom and full of opportunities, Kevin’s goal and passion are to strengthen the economic, social, cultural, and political aspects of the Vietnamese community in Arizona.  The achievement of these important aspects will provide our Vietnamese community in Arizona the momentum to deliver both freedom and prosperity to 90 million Vietnamese who are currently residing in Vietnam.

Mr. Dang has been President of the Vietnamese American Community of Arizona from 2013.

3.- Ms. Lệ Đàm Đoàn

Graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a BS degree in Psychology in 1980. She also earned an MBA from Trinity Washington University in 2000.

Currently working for Georgia’s Department of Labor.

She has held many tittles in Asian Community such as: Chair for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration Gala from 2010 to 2017, President of the Asian/Pacific American Council of Georgia (APAC-GA) 2013 to 2014.

Board Member of the Atlanta Regional Workforce Board (ARWB) Youth Council, Member of Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District (Gwinnett Place CID), Board of Director of Asian/Pacific American Council of Georgia (APAC-GA), Board member of Asian-American Advancing Justice-Atlanta Organization (AAAJA), Chair/Team Captain of the Asian Cultural Experience in Georgia (ACE), Member of the Atlanta Asian Film Festival (AAFF), Member of the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP), Board Member of Who’s Who in Asian American Communities (WWAAC) Alliance Foundation, Inc., Board Member of United State Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce-South East (USPAACC-SE); Member of Asian Pacific American Historical Society-Georgia (APAHS).

She was elected to the Board of Directors of the VAC-USA in the term of 2017-2020

4.- Ms. Trà My Nguyen

Was active member of the Students Association at Georgia State University. She earned a BS degree in Business Administration at Clayton State University.

She has been the CEO of WTAUTOMAX since 2004, and WT Reality Investment & WTT Investment.

In 2016, she won the award as one of 25 Most Influential Asian American of Georgia  2016 by Georgia Asian Times.

She has been member of the Board of Director of Asian Pacific American Council of Georgia, and Community Advisory Board of Who’s Who in Asian American Communities Alliance Foundation.

She is currently the President of the Vietnamese American Community of Georgia (2016-2020), and President of the Vietnamese American Community of the USA (2017-2020)

5.- Ms. Catherine Ngô (Mỹ Hạnh), Graduated from Rowan University with a BS degree in Accounting.

From 1999: working as Tax Accountant.

She has been very active in  Community services as treasurer of the Vietnamese Community in Pennsylvania and the Vietnamese American Community of the USA.

6.- Mr. Trong Quang Phan, 57 years old, resettled in the USA from 1979.

He earned a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, MBA and an MS in Engineering Management from St. Mary University (San Antonio), an MS in IS from Texas State University, MA in Information Administration from Webster University (Saint Louis, MO) and a Ph. D. in Applied Management from Walden University (Minneapolis, MN)  ̣

He has been Lead Engineer serving the US Air Force at Randolph AFB from 1986 and had worked for Medical Center of US Infantry at Fort Sam Houston, and many other companies such as Motorola, Inc. and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.  ̣

Mr. Phan has served the Vietnamese Community since 2002, was President of Vietnamese Community in San Antonio (2006-2016), Vice-President of the Board of Executives of the VAC-USA (2014-2017), and recently elected to the Board of Directors (2017-2020).

He was Editor of the US Viet News and also works with the Vietnamese television SBTN- Texas.

7.- Mr. Vũ Hồng

Former ARVN officer, former political prisoner in Communist Vietnam concentration camp. Editor of Dieu Hau Magazine (Florida)

Mr. Vu was President of the Vietnamese


Veterans Association of Central Florida.


 Board of Executives

1.- Ms. TraMy Nguyễn: Chairwoman.


2.- Ms Amy Thu Huong Nguyen. VP Internal Affairs

President of the Vietnamese Community of CharlotteVille, North Carolina.

3.- Mr. Thanh Chuong Châu, VP External Affairs.

Virginia Military Institute (VMI) graduate.

Working as engineering for Cenveo Publisher Services.

4.- Mr. Trong Phan, Secretary General

5.- Mr. Peter Ngô (Thế Bảo), Treasurer.


1965-1972: Attended College of Architecture of Saigon University.

1972-1975: S-3 (Operation) officer of the 8th Group, RVN Army Corps of Engineers.

Had worked for  AT&T, Lucent/Texas Instrument/Agere/LSI before retiring.

From 2006-2010: member of the Board of Supervisors, the Vice President of the Vietnamese American Community of Pennsylvania.

From 2014-2017: Member of the Board of Directors of the Vietnamese American Community of USA

2017: Treasurer of the VAC-USA.

6.- Mr. Hieu Trong Đoàn 

Former Ranger officer in ARVN

Chief Information Officer of  the Vietnamese American Community of USA since 2014. Webmaster of the official website of the VAC-USA.

Other board members will be posted as soon as appointed.


Board of Supervisors:


1.- Mr. Tan Van Nguyễn,  75 years old.

– Former Navy officer, RVNAF.

– Has served the Vietnamese community since 2006 as Chairman of the Board of Executives, Board of Directors and currently Chair of the Board of Supervisors.

– He is also the President of the Federation of the ARVN Veterans Associations in Washington DC.

2.- Mr. Tien Ngoc Nguyễn

Graduated from the RVN National Military Academy (23rd Class)

Currently President of the Vietnamese American Community of North California.

3.- Mr. Han Sy Ngô

Ex-Pilot in RVN Air Force, 118th Squadron.

Has served the Community for decades.


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Dr. James Reckner Passed Away.

Rest in Peace, Dr. James Reckner.Reckner-lg…/2018/11/Stories/james-reckner-dies
James Reckner retired from the university in early 2009.
In 1988, James Reckner arrived at Texas Tech to teach history. But in his first year, when he asked his class which U.S. general was most closely associated with the Vietnam War and only one student correctly answered Gen. William Westmoreland, Reck
ner realized how little their generation knew about the conflict. Continue reading

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Open Letter to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

To the Hon. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Member of the House of Representatives.

Dear Miss Ocasio-Cortez

Firstly, I congratulate you for the victory, elected as the youngest member of the House (one of the 3 chambers of the government as you said)

Secondly, I praise you as the most courage person who dared to run for the highest office while having the knowledge in politics as little as an elementary school student!

Hundreds of thousands of legal migrants who apply for U.S. citizenship must answer dozens of questions about the government. They surely know that the government consists of 3 branches (which you called chambers). They are: Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary (which you named the Presidency, the House, and the Senate) Continue reading

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The Vietnamese American Community of the USA





Considering that:

  1. According to the recent news, the Vietnamese Communist Government has submitted to its Puppet Congress the Bill establishing Special Administrative and Economic Zones for Van Don, Van Phong, and Phu Quoc areas, which, in reality, are to be ceded to Communist China for 99 years. This is the second time the Bill has been submitted and may be voted on by the Congress on June 15; and

Continue reading

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Request to Remove Ho Chi Minh’s Statue at the Museum of Mimasaka City

The Vietnamese American Community of the USA

6050 Dawson Blvd., Ste: A-B, Norcross, GA 30093



TEL : (512) 800-7227, 404-409-8992


December 1st, 2017

To: The City of Mimasaka, Japan

Subject: Request to Remove Ho Chi Minh’s Statue at the Museum of Mimasaka City


Dear Mr. Hagiwara Seiji – Mayor of Mimasaka City

Ms. Suzuki Etsuko – Chairwoman of the City Council

All Members of the City Council of Mimasaka,

We learnt that a statue of Ho Chi Minh – former leader of Communist Vietnam – has been displayed at the museum of Mimasaka City. At the ceremony that marked the 45th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations with Vietnam, your city officials pronounced the statue a symbol of friendship between the two peoples and the deep strategic partnership for peace and prosperity between the two countries. We respectfully argue that Ho Chi Minh statue is not a symbolic icon that represents the values your country is embracing.  Here are a few facts about Ho Chi Minh and his atrocious crimes, we – the Vietnamese American people – earnestly ask for your consideration:


  • Ho Chi Minh was a loyal communist agent, the founder of Indochinese Communist Party. The name ”Ho Chi Minh” and dozen other names are aliases that he fabricated to hide his real identity from the international communities.
  • After ascending to power on Sep 2, 1945, in North Vietnam Ho Chi Minh ordered the arrest, imprisonment, and killing of thousands of non-Communist nationalists and allies who had fought alongside the Communists against the French, to monopolize his Communist Party’s power in his China backed government.
  • By Ho’s order, the Land Reform Campaign (1953-1956) killed an estimated 80,000 North Vietnamese peasants who were labeled as ”landlords’ many of whom, in reality, were either his political opponents or dissidents wrongfully branded as “class enemies”.
  • Ho, along with other warmongering Communist party members, started the war against South Vietnam, a free nation recognized by eighty-eight countries. The unjust war led to the death of 4 million Vietnamese. It destroyed the country and culminated in Communist rule over the whole country since 1975. After the fall of South Vietnam in 1975, two million people have fled the country of whom almost 50% perished on the high sea or in deep jungles.
  • Ho was the one who brought upon our people the miseries they have been enduring for the last 80 years. He is a hero only to the Communists who hold power and enjoy high privileges, not to all the Vietnamese People. Under the Communist rule, human rights are seriously violated; there is no freedom of speech, press, religion or anything else.

Since Japan is the country we respect most in Asia as the symbol of progress, humanity, and democracy, we are surprised a personality like Ho Chi Minh or even his statue is welcome at the heart of your great City. Ho Chi Minh does not represent the true quality, leadership, and culture of Vietnam; he is far from embracing the values that are revered in Japan and in the City of Mimasaka.

We would like you to take into consideration how hurtful the display of Ho’s statue is to millions of Vietnamese refugees abroad, many of whom are now the citizens of Japan. It also hurts the feeling of tens of millions people in Vietnam who have been suffering from the Communist brutal rule. Many Vietnamese are still trying to flee the country to escape the merciless policies and oppression of the Communist regime. In our humble opinion, the display of Ho’s statue might even embarrass the Japanese citizens who embrace the values of democracy and freedom.

We hereby sincerely ask your council to thoroughly research the history of Vietnam for the true identity of Ho Chi Minh.  Your consideration to remove Ho Chi Minh’s statue from your City Museum is not just for our humble request, but also for your children who would later question the validity of your decision today. No good society or community would display a symbol of death, destruction, and deceit in its museum!

Kind regards,

TraMy Nguyen

CEO President of the Vietnamese American Community of the USA

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Condemning the Barbarous Acts of Communist Vietnam against the People

2017-05-07_091955The Vietnamese American Community of the USA


Condemning the Barbarous Acts of Communist Vietnam against the People

The Communist Vietnam government recently has carried out multiple barbarous acts upon the innocent people who participated in the peaceful protest against the pro-Chinese policy in regard to the marine life disaster and water pollution crisis affecting four provinces in central Vietnam caused by Formosa Corporation. Continue reading

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