Topeka Army veteran fought, ate, lived with South Vietnamese troops

By Steve Fry, steve.fry@cjonline.comTOP_new111116VetStory2

Veteran: U.S. Senate ‘defunded’ support to South Vietnam

Bob Dalton was an American advisor to a South Vietnamese Army battalion during the Vietnam War. Dalton, 73, is from Topeka. Dalton sometimes carried an M-79 grenade launcher when on patrol. This empty shell from a grenade launcher and a North Vietnamese medal, the equivalent of an American Bronze Start, make up a display piece Dalton has. Dalton picked up the medal on a battlefield. Continue reading

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Public Statement in Regard to The Voice of Vietnamese Americans

Feb 24, 2017

Public LogoCDGIFSbStatement in Regard to The Voice of Vietnamese Americans

To whom it may concern,

The Vietnamese American Community of the USA is the nationwide organization that represents scores of Vietnamese Communities at city and state levels. We herein clarify that the organization named The Voice of Vietnamese Americans has nothing to do with our Vietnamese American Community of the USA. Continue reading

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The VAC-USA Protests against California Senate

calif-state-sen-janet-nguyen-making-speech-that-led-to-her-removal-from-chamber-floor-on-022317Subject: We strongly oppose your rude treatment toward Senator Janet Nguyen


The Vietnamese American Community of the USA

16204 Viki Lynn Pl., Pflugerville, TX 78660



TEL: (703) 980 9425 – (512) 800-7227 Continue reading

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Objection to Ho Chi Minh Statue in Wien, Austria

January 30, 2017

To: Dr. Michael Haupl

Governor of the State of Wien,

Lichtenfelsgasse 2, Stiege 5, 1. Stock, A-1010 Wien. Austria

Subject: Our concern about the building of the statue of Ho Chi Minh in your city

Mr. Governor,

We have been informed that your city/state has a plan to build the statue of Ho Chi Minh in the Donaupark of your city. Continue reading

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Vietnam: End “Evil Way” Persecution of Montagnard Christians


(Bangkok) – The Vietnamese government’s persecution of ethnic Montagnard Christians in Vietnam’s Central Highlands reflects broader rights violations against religious minorities in the country, Human Rights Watch said today in a new report. The head of Vietnam’s ruling party, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, is slated to visit Washington, DC, in early July. Continue reading

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I’m a Democrat. Here’s how Hillary and the recount campaign leaves me feeling

By Bryan Dean Wright published November 28,2016
Saturday, Hillary Clinton announced that she had joined a recount effort in at least three Midwestern states, questioning whether “an accurate vote” will be reported to the Electoral College. This comes on the heels of a concession speech where she told her supporters that, “We must accept this result… Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.

Continue reading

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The Reason Why Donald Trump Won the Presidential Election

By Binh Quoc Huynh (Nov. 12, 2016)


The final count of the Election (and the defeat) was accepted by Mrs. Clinton nonetheless with bemoaning statement “I’m enduring this endless sadness…”

Those jealous individuals, whose personal interests are affected by the outcome of the election, harbor hatred against Trump and continue to slander him to no end. Continue reading

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