Condemning the Barbarous Acts of Communist Vietnam against the People

2017-05-07_091955The Vietnamese American Community of the USA


Condemning the Barbarous Acts of Communist Vietnam against the People

The Communist Vietnam government recently has carried out multiple barbarous acts upon the innocent people who participated in the peaceful protest against the pro-Chinese policy in regard to the marine life disaster and water pollution crisis affecting four provinces in central Vietnam caused by Formosa Corporation.

Those cruel treatments mirror the horrors Vietnamese people experienced during the “Land Reform Campaign” in mid-1950, as well as during the Vietnam War when the communists terror reigned throughout the country.

We would like to cite a few horrific human right violations:

  1. Mr. Nguyễn Hữu Tấn, 37, a Hoa Hao Buddhist at Vinh Long province, was suspected by the authority of possessing a South Vietnamese flag. He was then comprehended and detained without charge in the local Security station. Two days later, the family was called to take his corpse home. His throat had signs of being slashed. The security agent told the family that Mr. Tan had committed suicide while in detention. This is the latest of a score of deaths while under police investigation that have occurred in Vietnam.
  2. Ms. Lê Mỹ Hạnh came from Hanoi to Saigon to take part in a Walk-a-thon supporting the Environment Protection Movement. The local police sent the thugs to the house where she was staying and beat her badly; leaving lots of bruises and cut on her face. The use of thugs to oppress the demonstrators is one of common tactics the communist police used in recent years.
  3. This week, at Nghe An province, local authorities provoked a campaign and paid people to gather, accuse and condemn the Catholic priest Dang Huu Nam – the leader the peaceful demonstration in Nghe An – This kangaroo court type was fabricated in mid-1950 when the Communists killed tens of thousands of peasants in North Vietnam in the name of land reform.


  • In this early 21st century, when most people in the world benefit from the improvements of human right, the Vietnamese people still suffer the brutality of the Communist regime.
  • Vietnamese people have the rights to stand up and demand the authorities to render democracy and freedom that have been taken away since the Communist took power in 1954.
  • The Communist Vietnam has to obey all international laws, including the Declaration of Human Rights that it signed and promised to abide by all members of the United Nations.

The Vietnamese American Community of the USA, therefore:

  • Strongly condemn the Communist government of all barbarous acts against its people.
  • Appeal to the US Government and Congress, the international community, Vietnamese oversea organizations for help to end the brutality in Vietnam.
  • Fully support all peaceful movements to struggle for clean environment, human and civil rights as well as for freedom of Vietnamese people and our motherland Vietnam.

May 6, 2017

Chair of Board of Directors

Tan Van Nguyen

Chair of Board of Executives

Michael Do

Chair of Board of Advisors

Tien Van Nguyen

Cc: The President of the USA, The US Senate, The US House of Representatives, UNO Human Rights Agencies, all Vietnamese Organizations and Mass Media

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