United Airline’s ill-treatment toward a passenger who is a Vietnamese American elder.

yqfuc0z2wlvqrtf83g37April 12, 2017

To: Oscar Munoz, CEO, United Airline

233 South Wackerr Dr., Chicago, Il 60606

Customer Care,  United Airlines, Inc.

900 Grand Plaza Drive NHCCR,  Houston, TX 77067-4323

Subject: In regard of the United Airline’s ill-treatment toward a passenger who is a Vietnamese American elder.

Mr. Munoz,

We are very upset when learned that a passenger on the flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville (April 10) had been forcibly dragged through the aisle out of the plane simply because he refused to volunteer to give up his seat.

By watching multiple video clips, we realize that the act of the officers was very violent as if they were dealing with a dangerous criminal.

In your first statement to the public, you blamed Mr. Dao – the victim – was disruptive and belligerent. Later, you said that “he defied the Chicago Aviation Security officer.” In both statements, you showed no regret and sympathy to the victim but only to justify the ill-treatment of the officers toward a customer.

The airline was not right when selling more tickets than the available seats on the plane. Customers who pay and get the ticket deserve the right to be on the plane no matter what. If you need more seat(s) for your employee(s), it’s your own problem that you cannot force the customers to give up their seats.

The victim is a Vietnamese American doctor; he is also an elder who needs to be treated with respect and dignity.

Last year, you denied boarding 3,765 passengers on oversold flights. The overbooking is a serious problem. It must be stopped to make sure anybody who pays for the ticket has the right to be on the plane.

We also doubt that you randomly picked an Asian American. There have been cases that people of color being mistreated on domestic flights.

We demand that you take full responsibility and publicly and sincerely apologize to Mr. Dao and his family.

Kind regards,

Michael Do

CEO, President of the Vietnamese American Community of the USA

Cc: Vietnamese American Mass Media

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