Public Statement in Regard to The Voice of Vietnamese Americans

Feb 24, 2017

Public LogoCDGIFSbStatement in Regard to The Voice of Vietnamese Americans

To whom it may concern,

The Vietnamese American Community of the USA is the nationwide organization that represents scores of Vietnamese Communities at city and state levels. We herein clarify that the organization named The Voice of Vietnamese Americans has nothing to do with our Vietnamese American Community of the USA.

To our understanding, the Voice of Vietnamese Americans (VVA) was founded by Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Giao in Virginia several years ago to promote her agenda which does not represent the Vietnamese American community at large.

Some of the VVA perspectives and political stances may or may not agree with ours. We respect the opinions expressed on the VVA website and other publications, but they should not be taken as the voice of the Vietnamese Americans.

Our official websites and Facebook page are as follows:





With our best regards,

Our best regards,

Michael Do, President

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