The Peace Movements in South Vietnam in Mid-1960s

By Michael Do Peace
To be presented at 2017 Institute for Peace and Conflict Conference
“1967: The Search for Peace”, Vietnam Center, Texas Tech University, Lubbock
on Saturday 29, 2017

With a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding, the Vietnam War history has been falsely written by our enemies (Vietnamese Communists) and has been taught the same way in US schools for more than half century.
I think that history must be studied from different perspectives of all sides involved to be, at least, close to the truth.
As a combat soldier and a political officer who fought 9 years in the war, I’d like to shed a light into the dark and chaotic period when the Communist propaganda reigned in the South Vietnamese college campus and the Buddhist communities.
The failure of the Vietnam War can be accounted for by many factors. Of which, the anti-war movements both in the US and in South Vietnam were the most important events that had enormous influence on the US policy and the international perception.
This presentation is to look into the peace movements occurred in South Vietnam in mid-1960s: Who they were? Where they came from? Who were behind the scene? And who would benefit from the movements?

Read the paper in PDF format

1967 PeaceMovement in Vietnam

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